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Back Porch Bakery runs on your donations.  Since you guys always ask, I've listed suggested prices.

Email me with special instructions.

You can donate now or when you pickup.  Thanks for supporting the Back Porch Bakery.
Didn't see that coming!  Before we can fire up this awesome new oven we need to do $1200 in electrical work just to plug it in.  So ....

It's time for our "Buy Some Pizzas So We Can Plug In The Oven Fundraiser"!!

Once the oven is up and going we're going to start making pizzas in the evenings.  Once a week on Tuesdays at first, and then, once we get the hang of it, daily.  

So if you want to help us "Plug in the Oven", just make a PayPal donation using the button on the right, and then bring a printout of your payment (don't worry, we'll have your name in case you lose it) to our bakery to redeem it for pizza.  

These are going to be individual Tuscan style pizzas that range in price from $8 to $12 or so.  And they'll be awesome because we won't sell them until we figure out how to make them awesome.  We'll be up and going by the end of the October.

You choose how much to donate and it will all be redeemable at our bakery for pizza or even special orders on pastries and bread.

Thanks once again for all of your support.  Get ready for the pizza party!